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Webinar | Regenerative Resilience on the Rise (Katie Kilty & Sue Johnston)

Webinar | Regenerative Resilience on the Rise (Katie Kilty & Sue Johnston)

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The focus for this session is understanding regenerative resilience practices and how to build them into your life. Regenerative resilience is building your capacity to reset and be restored in order to be more flexible and adapt when challenges arise. It is about “how you recharge not how you endure” (Achor and Geilen, HBR). Regenerative resilience is about having the courage to set boundaries and cultivate a practice of well-being, to model and respect self-care versus rewarding exhaustion as a status symbol. It’s not something people intrinsically possess. Resilience is a learned capability that coaches can intentionally develop. During this session, we take a closer look at the important lifestyle choices you make every day that directly influence your ability to respond to challenges with agility, your capacity to function and to maintain your endurance or personal sustainability.
Katie Kilty (Ed.D. | Leadership and Performance Coach - MindPower Resources | CoFounder - WholeHealth Sport) & Sue Johnston (PCC | Leadership Coach - Artemis Group/Courageous Sport)
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