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Webinar | Navigating Conflict as a Coach (Jen Fry)

Webinar | Navigating Conflict as a Coach (Jen Fry)

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When you're a coach of a diverse staff or team, conflict is going to happen. It's not a matter of if but when. Learning how to effectively navigate conflict is a key part of creating a more inclusive culture on your team. You have the power to create a space for your team to work through the conflict that often arises from difference, and it starts with understanding your own relationship with conflict. As coaches we too often assume that when conflict isn't obvious (ex: people aren't aggressively yelling at each other) that conflict isn’t happening. It's just not the case. Conflict shows up in a multitude of ways--in ways we sometimes allow and sometimes shut down as coaches. Our relationship with conflict and what we deem as the appropriate or inappropriate ways to deal with conflict are often related to how we grew up. Our own relationship to conflict is reflected in the culture we create around conflict for our teams. This webinar will help you better understand your relationship to conflict, what influences that relationship, and how it shows up in your interactions with your staff and athletes. As the leader and role model of the program, you must have a better understanding of your relationship to conflict and how you can better equip your athletes to understand their relationship with conflict and teach them how to manage it both personally and on the team.
Jen Fry, Jen Fry Talks 
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