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Webinar | Lessons Learned: Trust is Key to Good Culture (Matt Heffner)

Webinar | Lessons Learned: Trust is Key to Good Culture (Matt Heffner)

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Building a program culture is an infinite task that must be constantly upgraded, reviewed and examined. A successful culture is determined by your student-athletes in ten years, fifteen years etc… Developing trust in a program is done through the hard times and the errors, not only through success and winning. Servant leadership is the key to getting the most out of today’s student athletes and unlocking their potential and maximal effort. Servant
leadership can make a program stronger and create better leaders on the court and after graduation. Perspective is a huge benefit that can be built and cultivated. Perspective allows your SA’s to understand they are not the only ones with significant issues and difficulties in life. It allows your SA’s to begin to address any mental health/serious issues as you all have worked together helping less privileged individuals and your SA’s already know and trust your good intentions. These lessons can help your program grow and attract talented and hardworking athletes and retain those at the club level.
Matt Heffner, Richmond Volleyball Club
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