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Webinar | Keys to Setter Training (Carlos Moreno)

Webinar | Keys to Setter Training (Carlos Moreno)

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When you watch great setters - there’s not a lot going on with their mechanics - they run to the ball, they extend their arms with open hands in the direction of their release. They are simple. Of course, there are some variations in size and styles but they are simple and effective with their mechanics. When you establish the fundamentals and the principles of setting, you build a strong foundation and the stronger the foundation the more setters can respond to the variabilities of the game and make adjustments to situations effectively. As the game unfolds and we go live and add more variables to situations, you must allow setters to SELF ORGANIZE and SELF REGULATE. Great setters have the ability to filter information and recognize what is important and what is possible in the moment. Feedback is one of the most important elements in learning and players need space to self-regulate. In this session Carlos Moreno will dive into the fundamentals of setting and how coaches can provide useful feedback to their athletes.
Carlos Moreno, University of San Diego Associate Head Volleyball Coach 
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