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Webinar | Practice Pyramids: Growth Through the Slow Climb! (Chad Willis)

Webinar | Practice Pyramids: Growth Through the Slow Climb! (Chad Willis)

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In this presentation we will discuss the advantages of incorporating pyramid practices into your team's training regimens. Based on a 3-5 skill focus, we can rep and teach student-athletes how to embrace and accept struggle as a natural prerequisite for mastery and success.
The Pyramid can be as easy and comfortable or difficult and uncomfortable as you want to make it all the while educating your team on how to handle success and deal with adversity.  You climb and fall throughout the pyramid incorporating individual and team skills while emphasizing mental toughness and effective communication.
Many skills and situations can be utilized and addressed in the pyramid: serving, passing, individual & team defense, attacking, small game, 6v6 components and much more. The presentation will introduce the concept of a pyramid practice and provide examples of varying focused skills sets and setting up different types of pyramids based on your team's needs.
Chad Willis, Georgia Southern University Volleyball Coach
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